Sleep and Slim Biohacking

Another Terrific Find is Sleep and Slim Biohacking. Biohacking Scientists have solved losing weight as we sleep. You can get better sleep and lose weight at the same time!

They solved Sleeping Better and Slimming Down at the Same Time with zlēm™, pronounced [zleem]:

Weight Loss and Better Sleep!

You need a good night’s rest for your Health and well-being. This Biohacking product will help with that. It also can help with any extra weight you may have “found”. You take it 30 minutes before you go to bed and you are ready for a better night of sleep. As you continue to use this “Snap”, you will begin to feel better and healthier, and your weight will begin to decrease.

The combination of these two can solve Weight Loss Success by adding to the “Slimming Benefit” of zlēm™ with the Thermogenetic and Appetite Suppressant of plôs thermo, [pronounced plus]:

You can lose weight with this bio-hacking non-dairy creamer that can enhance your mood, uplift your spirits, and help with thermogenic properties that burn that stored (unwanted) fat.

Watch the video below and see if it applies to you:

This is a biohacking way that is a great help in losing that extra weight. We found plôs thermo (pronounced [pluhs]). It is a “SNAP” package that you simply squeeze into your favorite hot (or cold) beverage and enjoy. This is a healthy way, to control your appetite and conquer cravings. Just add plôs™ Thermo to your morning beverage.

So Let’s Recap!

  • Sleep Better by using zlēm™
  • Use the Appetite Suppressant plôs, and get more Energy

Using them together adds to the effectiveness. Do yourself a favor and look at the other Terrific Biohacking products for your Health and well-being! Biohacking Information Page.

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