Products that Help Our Pets

We all love our pets and want them to stay healthy. We see people with their pets in strollers or in their arms at grocery stores all the time. One lady even had her dog at the dentist’s office (she did have someone accompanying her, but they went into the cubicle (for support, I guess.) I haven’t flown in a while, but I am sure the accommodations for pets have improved in the last few years.

We found some terrific products that help the pets we love so much. We understand the needs of our pets and have found some we believe you will love. People also use two of the ones we found so you can enjoy them along with your pet. Once you see what we have and try them we think you will appreciate them.

Products that Help Our Pets in a list form:

Stop the Stink of Dog Farts: This product is for Stinking Gas animals and us humans as well. Give this product to your pet to avoid the embarrassing room-clearing stink. Be sure to give it to your pet before the guests arrive! You may want to make sure Gramps (or your favorite uncle) takes theirs ahead of time also. Click on Stop the Stink of Dog Farts to get more information and a connection to the website. It may give your guests and family a more pleasant visit.

Bran (pronounced Bray-n). When you click on the picture to the right it will take you to our in-depth description (and video) of this supplement for your dog and you. Look at the information and then you can decide to try it for you both. The delivery system is easy. “Snap” open the package (shown on the right) and give it to them directly or on their food. Watch for their improved stamina and well-being. These products help with arthritis, pain, aging, and regulating bodies. The Brain Food product may help offset depression and anxiety.

We believe these products will give you the happiest years with your furry friends. And be sure to pass along and share what you can from this. We discovered it and are always sharing it.

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