Functional Scarves With Pockets

Tom’s Terrific Finds is always looking for terrific and unique finds. You will love the story behind these accessories as much as the accessories. This is another product developed by a woman to provide a solution to her needs. The founder of the company (Angela) was always on the go and needed a way to secure her things without using a purse. She wanted a hands-free way with easy access to her belongings. She didn’t find any suitable product, so she developed her own. Angela developed a prototype and even got it patented. You may have seen these Functional Scarves with Pockets on some of the top media outlets including Good Morning America. We think you will love shopping for these unique clothing accessories.



One of the feature items is the Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket. More than a dozen color styles for you to choose from, The Americana scarf is shown on the right. The best-selling infinity scarf has four ways to wear it. You wear it as a neck wrap, a shrug, or a cross-body sling, or use our high-quality reversible zipper to fold it into a fashionable clutch purse. You can attach a wristlet and be in style no matter which way you choose to wear it. There is also a Nursing scarf for the mother on the go. There are even variations such as:

  • Wide cut – Twenty inches of total width. This provides for more coverage around the neck and shoulders. It also makes a stylish head scarf. 
  • Cowl – Shorter but wider, generous fit around the neck for more warmth. It can also be pulled up over the head and ears.
  • Original – Offers a cinch toggle to adjust to your curves, There is an extra side pocket for your cell phone when the scarf is worn across the body

More Clothing Accessories:

There are some things here for men as well as women. The Convertible Neck Gaiter with Pocket™ is great for outdoor events and events. As well as being worn to keep your neck warm, it can be cinched into a beanie hat. The next must-have is an RFID Blocking Cell Phone Wallet. There are so many colors, styles, and variations. You should go to the website below and view these accessories.

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