Health & Fitness

Our Health and Fitness are something many of us neglect.  Our health is probably the area that can impact our quality of life quicker than anything else.  Proper exercise and nutrition are the keys to living healthier, and longer lives. We found incredible new Biohacking ways to make our health better.

Start to Take care of your Health Here:

Brain Enhancement to Win: Another Biohacking product we found is a brain product. This Brain Product increases your mental focus, acuity, and brain functionality. It will let you get more out of each and every day. This is a Terrific and natural solution. Click HERE for the details

Cataract Surgery for the Faint of Heart

Need to get eyeglasses more often? When most people get around the “Fabulous Forty” eyesight may not be so fabulous. When you reach “Senior Sixty” you should have your eyes examined every one or two years to check for Cataracts and other eye problems. My wife and I had Cataract Surgery done. She had the “Laser Method” and I had the “manual” method. Go HERE to see which is better!

If you, a friend, or a family member are using or wondering about using the Dexcom G7, you should read about my experiences. I have been using the Dexcom G7 for about 6 months. There are pros and cons to using the G7 sensor with the receiver. I also have the Dexcom app on my smartphone for when I am outside the house. I have been accustomed to using them for a while and plan to continue. Please check out my review for more details!

Healthy Popcorn Snacking

We all want a snack while watching sports on TV, or a movie on movie night. Why not make it a healthy snack? We found a popcorn that isn’t loaded with salt or butter but still tastes great. It comes in three guilt-free flavors. Not into popcorn? Try the cookie that tastes too good to be healthy. These cookies are Vegan, dairy-free, Gluten-free, and Kosher. They are plant-based and Diabetic Friendly. Go HERE to find out more about these healthy snacks.

Weight Loss Biohacks:

Coffee “Creamer”: One weight loss Biohacking product we found works with your coffee (or other favorite morning beverage.) Add this non-dairy creamer and the unwanted fat and inches begin to disappear. Make this part of your weight loss journey and start to win the weight loss battle! See the details and get it ordered for fast delivery:

Sleep and lose Weight!: Many of us need to lose those unsightly pounds. We found a product that uses the power of Science and Biohacking. It will help you sleep better and burn unwanted fat while you sleep. Use this Biohack in conjunction with the Coffee “Creamer discussed above and you will become a slimmer you. Start Sleeping Better and Becoming a Thinner, Leaner You. HERE:

A TV commercial used to say “Better Living Through Chemistry”. I think we now can say Better Living Through Biohacking!