Brainfood is the Best Home School Program on the Planet

You arrived at another Terrific Find, the Best Home School Program on the Planet. As we mention on the category page, the entire World is in need of a better way to educate the citizens of tomorrow. The education taught in schools of my youth no longer exists to educate. Some schools seem to be nothing more than a babysitting program! The old way of educating in classrooms does not provide the education our future citizens need.

Highly qualified teachers no longer have to deal with students who just want to disrupt a class or harass the teacher or other students. The “Brainfood Academy” uses today’s technology, along with some of tomorrow’s to provide a safe learning environment. This program has classes available for kindergarten through the 12th grade. The lesson plans were developed with the U.S. national standards in mind. Upon graduation, the student will be given a certificate certifying the successful completion of their courses.

The benefits of This Online Education at Brainfood Academy:

Online Class
  • Flexible Online Classroom Times: The difference in time zones will not be an issue as the program progresses. Based on the available Teachers.
  • Recorded Classes Available: When a student misses a Live Class, they will have the ability to watch the class they missed, as a recording. This feature also allows advanced students to move through the curriculum at their own pace.
  • Teacher Selection is in the Hands of the Parents and the Students: Every Teacher will be highly qualified for this program. Parents and students will have a part in choosing the teacher who will work with their students.

Costs and Funding Concerns:

The cost of a student’s Education is always a concern. With this program, you don’t have to worry about new school clothes or those expensive (Trendy) shoes and bags. It does provide access and support to gain funding from states or the federal governments. The cost of this Best Home School Program has been set to allow for almost everyone to participate, Details are located within the Best Home School Program. See them here.

Advantages of Home Schooling for All:

  • This allows for Security in the Home Environment. We get to allow experts to teach the children. Though with absolute oversight by the Parents.
  • Because it is Virtual: Travel and other Experiences with the Family are now possible. Example: If you are in a situation where you are able to travel with your family, education is available. As long as you have internet access, Learning is available!
  • Access to Sports and extracurricular activities is Still Available: The program explains how this access is available.. We have Home Schooling Experts behind this program. Furthermore; any Questions and Concerns are addressed and solved with us.

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