All Things Tom’s Tales

I’m about to kick off All Things Tom’s Tales by writ8ng about what led me to this point in time. I’ll split it into sections, recalling bits of my life as best I can. Some parts might be brief since my memory doesn’t stretch back too far, especially regarding my early years. You can choose which part you may be interested (or involved) in.

My Youth

Susan, me and Sherrie

Most of what I remember comes from old photos (like me chilling on a bearskin rug) and films my folks had. My story started in Memphis, where I was born. Then we moved to Massachusetts where my grandmother and her husband were. Apparently, they took me on trips to Maine to eat ice cream, collecting rocks and stuff along the way. Then we moved back to Memphis. I do remember traveling with my uncle who would only stop at places that were Duncan Hines approved. Check HERE to find out more interesting things.

The U.S. Navy Tales

I joined the U.S. Navy after a not-so-great experience in college. It was during the Vietnam War that I decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps, who served in the Navy during World War II. Eight weeks in Boot camp at San Diego training center felt like it lasted forever. After that, I went through Electronics Training and then Advanced Electronics Training, adding two more years onto my enlistment. If you want to know more about that part of my life, check it out Here.

Work History

After leaving the Navy, I returned to Memphis to start a new life with my wife. Many other veterans were being released from the military and were also looking for work, so finding a good job was tough. I began working for a small security alarm company, which marked the beginning of my new career. Eventually, I ended up working for a company called Mosler, which sadly no longer exists (and it wasn’t my fault!). To learn about my post-Navy career, Find out more Here.

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