All Things Education and Career Development

We’ve got info on Education and Career Development here. Many folks agree that the way we teach young people nowadays isn’t cutting it. Education standards in the US have been going downhill for ages! There’s not enough discipline in classrooms, and teachers feel restricted. Teachers aren’t getting the support or pay they deserve!

Now, with COVID-19 shaking things up, we’ve learned that maybe studying from home isn’t such a bad idea. Using technology, we can teach all kinds of subjects online for grades K – 12. This could even mean better pay for teachers who adapt to this new style of teaching. Zoom calls and other tech might just make traditional classrooms a thing of the past (if it isn’t already.)


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PBS Performance Blogging System: Once again, technology steps up to help. The COVID-19 Pandemic proved that many of us can work from home using the Internet. The Performance Blogging System can teach you how to make a living through online marketing, giving you financial and time freedom. This could lead to better physical and improve your mental health. Check out the Opportunity!

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