Legos are Not Just for Kids

My wife (Sadako) is well past “Retirement Age” and has more Legos than most kids. She started out with “buckets” of Lego building blocks. They were relatively less expensive than they are now. She used the blocks and her imagination to build small houses and then small buildings like a firehouse. I think she proves Legos are Not just for Kids. She then moved on to larger buildings such as her version of a Japanese castle (she was born in Japan.). You can find out more about that in the Tom’s Tales category on the left. Check this link for more Tom’s Tales

Kits became more popular

Sadako then branched out into the kits available in stores.  I’m not sure when it started, but it may have been when the Shuttle launches were going on. She now has a cabinet top covered with rockets, airplanes of all sizes, and a small airport. One Shuttle kit was built and sent to my father, who went to one or two launches. One of the larger planes is one similar to a Navy jet, which I “commissioned” her to make for me. It didn’t stop there though.

Lego Seemed to expand greatly

She now has about five sets of shelves with all types of Legos. There is a shelf with police and fire equipment. There are campers, boats, and RVs on another shelf. One set of six shelves has assorted houses. One set of four shelves has construction equipment on one shelf. There are automobiles of all sizes and shapes on two other shelves and a mix of small houses on the fourth shelf. On top is a mix of buildings I don’t even know how to describe.

There is a shelf dedicated to the Old West with a stagecoach, gold mine, and bank ready to be robbed. Another shelf has smaller airplanes, including a seaplane or two. She also keeps the books for each set so she can put them back together if something happens to one of them.

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