RoboForm – The Best Username and Password Manager Ever!

I have more Username / Password combinations than I can remember. You are probably the same way unless you use the same ones on every website you go to. In either case, you need to consider Roboform – The Best Password Manager. In addition to securely storing your passwords, you can access them from multiple devices. Use your computer to connect with your bank and access the bank from your Smartphone or tablet as well as with Roboform. Roboform will automatically capture your passwords as you enter them at a new slog on site, The next time you visit the site Roboform fills in the password for you.

Roboform Features:

  • Password Manager across multiple devices
  • Keeps your passwords in sync across the devices
  • Offline access
  • Store passwords in folders
  • Import / Export from major password managers
  • Generates strong passwords

There are additional uses that are not listed. You should go to their website and get more details than we have here. We can tell you this software has been used successfully by our Internet Guru for years. This is the best password manager available with more features than most other programs of this type. this is a Terrific find that won’t disappoint.

You need Roboform if you have multiple email accounts, multiple social media platforms, websites you visit, or shopping sites. Don’t depend on your memory to fill in all those secure passwords on the sites. Roboform lets you log on securely from any of your devices.

In today’s world, RoboForm is an Absolute Must!  CLICK HERE TO GET IT TODAY

Members of our group have been using this program for decades. It holds in excess of 8000 passwords for any business. Don’t try to function without it. It is the best resource for getting online with a new computer in minutes. You have it all at your fingertips thanks to Roboform.

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