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I have never been much of a wine drinker. I didn’t drink any alcoholic beverage until I was in the Navy. Then it was mostly beer and I graduated to Johnny Walker Red. When I was in Japan, I was not sure what I was drinking at the local bars, but it wasn’t Fine Wine! After the Navy “career” I ended up in the San Francisco Bay area for a time. It was there my wife and I joined a group from work and toured a few of the Napa and Sonoma wineries. We found out what a Fine Wine was all about Now you can have Fine Wines delivered to Your Door when you join our Exclusive Wine Club..

The wines we tasted were from grapes grown in an area that helps the taste of the grapes flourish. We bought a few of the White wines to take and impress friends. There were so many different types and tastes it was very impressive. I still am not a connoisseur, but I know I prefer a dry white wine, most of the time. Our Wine of the Month Club has the solution whether you prefer Reds, Whites or both.

If you live in an area like Las Vegas, you don’t want to go out to get you’re your wine. In 100 degrees+ weather, it’s a hassle just getting in your car. Why not have one of the delivery drivers bring you your Fine Wine? Our exclusive Wine of the Month Club takes all those problems away. Let the delivery service worry about the weather. You are now able to order from the luxury of your home.

Please view the video below and see what our “Wine of the Month Ambassador” club is all about!

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You probably know Fine Wines are created in many countries around the world.  You should try them whenever possible.  Going to the Vineyards in person is the best experience, it may not be possible to visit many of them. Our Wine of the Month Club provides Fine Wines that you would spend a lot of money trying to locate. These are not the “Wine Punch” you find in many local stores. These are grown and processed by true Wine Artists.

Our Wine of the Month Club helps wine novices as well as wine connoisseurs with superb Customer Service. The Club has something that is priceless: A reach and selection of fine wines. There is also an offering of a new selection each and every month.

The Wine Ambassador GrandCru level also sponsors Events as shown in the next video:

The World’s best winemakers, in regions with the best grapes, work their craft to produce Fine Wines. You can now share in the flavor, the taste, and the individual experience each wine presents. New shipments of Fine Wines from all over the World direct to you each month is the best way to consistently share in the greatness of these Fine Wines.

Where will you most enjoy our Fine Wines?

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Will it be a romantic dinner, or classical music in the park? Is there a canyon, lake or mountain retreat where you can relax with a campfire (or fireplace), some dark chocolate, and some really good Merlot? Furthermore, if you have not tried one of these, they are highly recommended. They are also great for family and business meetings to provide a conversation starter.

Fine Wines Worthy of Your Wine Cellar:

Every month you will have the choice of what you want to save in your personal Wine Cellar for tomorrow’s experience. Plan ahead for a promotion or any new achievement (yours or one in the family.) Life is full of memories and locking those in with the enhancement of a Fine Wine is magical.

Remember you can get “Direct to your Door Fine Wines”. And they come to you monthly with your membership with Our Incredible Wine of the Month Club.

Start Here – and get Fine Wines Delivered to you Monthly – and start Enjoying the Life Experiences You Deserve!

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