Mobile Apps and Services

Welcome to the Mobile Apps and Services page. With the Internet and especially the expansion of Wi-Fi, we now can talk, play games, and even work almost anywhere. That has given birth to the “app” industry from our “mobile” Smartphones. These apps are available for games, banking, online shopping, and even getting medical visits with a live Doctor. New apps for the Smartphone market are being released almost daily, it seems. We found a couple of Terrific Finds below, and are always looking for more, so stay Tuned, Folks!

Helo Watches

Inpersona and Helo: Inpersona is a mobile app that works with a group of Helo Medical monitoring devices. The Inpersona app also lets you get started benefitting from your medical data being monitored by the Helo device. You start in the Cryptocurrency market just by using the app and the Helo Device and mining Cryptocurrency. With the Inpersona app, you are in charge of your Medical data and who has access to it. Go to the information page and watch the video that explains how your family and friends can actually “mine” Cryptocurrency for you! Get More information here:

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See how thousands of People are turning their Smartphones into Cash Creators: Today’s (and tomorrow’s) Smartphones really are Mobile Computers. You can use a Smartphone app to save money at a store, or online. You can get an example on our information page, along with a way to create income by posting ads. This is done by using the Performance Blogging System. Once you are up and running, you can post ads on your Social Media or other classified ad sites (all from your Smartphone.) This is where to get more information:

I am always looking for more Terrific Finds, especially when it involves Mobile Apps and Services. We all need to be sure our data is secure and not easily available to people who would use it for their gain. Be sure to check back here for more information soon.