Self-Help and Self-Education

In today’s internet world, we have easy access to more information than ever before. We can follow others to see what they are doing and where they are going. There are dictionaries online and numerous other sites that contain medical information and many have Self-help and Self Education resources. We have some things that should be of interest to you. You can access these through the internet and improve your learning, Health, and Wealth.

EMF Protection: We found the definition of EMF as Electromotive Force. The scientific community has found EMF to be harmful to the body (and mind) in various ways. For instance, ongoing studies find more issues with the common devices we use (e.g. cell phones tablets, and computers.) You should visit our page to find out more about the problems it can create. More details on EMF and the protection available.

Is College Worth It? Or is Self-education the answer today?

We have to ask how much a College Degree is really worth. Many people come out of College with Student Loans that are exorbitant. How many years does it take to pay these loans back? Other than some Sports players, few others seem to get their money’s worth. Be sure to visit our page that discusses this in more detail. It can be found It can be found Here.

Making Money with Performance Blogging

Make Money with Performance Blogging: This is a true Work at Home job. Millions of People are already working from home. You can now work online and make money with the power of the internet and your computer. This program has provided a way to connect, share, build, and create like nothing before. It is called Performance Blogging (or Link Post Blogging.) You not only create a way to interact and be a part of the Internet, but you can make money, and create amazing lifestyles using it. See What Link Post Blogging can do for You

We are seeing new things being added online all the time. We will be adding more choices to the category of self-help and Personal Growth. There is also a marketing book called “Marketing Is Freedom”. You can get it By Clicking HERE. Use coupon code: “freedom” and this will give you the e-book for free. Our gift to you is to see where personal growth along with the right community can make things incredible for you.