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Welcome to the world of E-Business & E-Marketing, where traditional business practices meet the digital age. While trade has been a part of human history since ancient times, the concept of conducting business online, or E-Business, has revolutionized the way we think about commerce. With the advent of worldwide shipping and translation services, geographical boundaries have become obsolete, making the world a smaller, more interconnected place.

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PBS: Performance Blogging System. We are part of a system that can provide Time and Financial for your family and others. Rory Ricord, author of Marketing is Freedom, developed and refined this process. This is an example of the E-Marketing described above. Without going into too much detail here, you are provided with a website that already has products that consumers can use. The program provides training and guidance to help you make the money that will provide a better lifestyle. This will lead to a better quality of life for you and your family.

The details of the PBS program are here.

Most of us are using the Internet more and more. Social media, those annoying “apps” on your phone or computer use the Internet to communicate. There are even some smartphones that work on the Internet. We keep up with the latest changes in technology to provide the best information and Terrific Finds of products and services. That is why you need to return to our site often!