Why We Live in Las Vegas

There are many reasons why we live in Las Vegas. Visitors may see the glitter on the ‘Strip” or Fremont Street, but there are other reasons we live here. It is true this is a Worldwide destination for gamblers (and would-be gamblers), but there is a lot more going on now!

  • The Casinos and Stadiums host the most diverse entertainment available.
  • U2 opened the Las Vegas Globe to a new venue for an immersive experience.
  • There are always Elvis impersonators somewhere in Las Vegas.
  • There are usually “Hard Rockers” performing in one of the Casinos or stadiums.
  • Rodeos are always a big draw when they are here. It seems they show up every week or so in the fall. There is the Professional Bull Riders Rodeo, National Finals Rodeo, Barrel Racing, the Indian National Finals Rodeo and the American Rodeo Contender Tournament.
  • New Year’s and Fourth of July Fireworks always attract a large crowd from out of town.
  • Casinos are always a big draw any time of year, especially on Holiday weekends.
  • There is enormous growth in the housing industry, Apartment complexes and houses are being built in many areas of the Las Vegas Valley.
  • A high-speed train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas has just been announced. They are predicting that 3000 jobs will be needed locally.
  • Expansion of the Harry Reid Airport has just been announced, along with a new airport south of Las Vegas.
  • A new Baseball Stadium is in the works for the move of the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas.
Sports are alive in Las Vegas
  • The success of the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team seemed to move Las Vegas towards a Sports Town. That also spawned the Silver Knights hockey team in Henderson Nevada.
  • The Las Vegas Aces won another WNBA championship, with a great following.
  • The new Allegiant Stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders football team as well as the UNLV football team.
  • Basketball tournaments and college football bowl games help the Sports image.
  • Amateur sports including softball, soccer, rugby, and hockey help the future of their sports.

No State Income tax is always a benefit if someone moves from a state with high-income taxes. We let the Casinos collect money that would normally be taken out of our paychecks. Another thing is the mild weather in the Winter months. There is always a group of “Snowbirds” that flock here during the Northern Winters. We have Air Conditioners for the GHOT Summer months that let us survive to the Fall And Spring months. It is not all Roses, though. Visit the page about driving in Las Vegas.

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