Many of us have our favorite Brand and blend of coffee. There are so many ways to enjoy your coffee: at a drive-through location, your favorite Barista mix, or your own coffee bar at home. For instance, some of our favorite home renovation shows are adding coffee bars when remodeling a home! In addition to the benefits of your daily “pick me up”, you can now add a supplement that will help lose weight or maintain your desired weight. However, when it comes to coffee and losing weight; it has often been done wrong. As a result, making a coffee that helps you lose weight hasn’t worked, although it has been tried many times.

A new way to lose weight with your coffee.

We have found a bio-hacking way that is a great help in losing that extra weight. We found plôs thermo (pronounced [pluhs]). This is a “SNAP” package (shown on the right) that you simply squeeze into your favorite hot (or cold) beverage and enjoy. This is a healthy way, to control your appetite and conquer cravings. Just add plôs™ Thermo to your morning beverage.

You can lose weight with this bio-hacking non-dairy creamer that can enhance your mood, uplift your spirts, and help with thermogenic properties that burns that stored (unwanted) fat.

Watch the video below and see if it applies to you:

Do you know what makes a morning with Coffee even better?

This “Amazing” supplement is excellent for those allergic to dairy products. Benefits of Non-Dairy:

  • Prevents milk allergies and sensitivity reactions.
  • Increase healthy digestion
  • Help develop stronger bones.
  • Contribute to weight loss

Just add this Amazing plôs thermo to your Coffee (or other beverage of choice). You will get to enjoy the flavor enhancement and you will feel great losing weight. Thank us by passing this product on to a friend. You can lose weight and keep it off without the stresses of crash or severe diets. For instance, just drink 1 cup of your favorite coffee (or beverage) and use the plôs thermo “Snap” as a creamer. get to look and feel great – all because of plôs thermo. And just wait, there is even more where that came from!

  • No need to exercise!
  • No need to be on any Special Diets!
  • We do not need to measure anything.
  • No need to change our lifestyles around this.
  • Be set with a Scientific Wonder that allows us to literally eat cake and lose weight!

This is the place to get Your Weight Loss Coffee “Creamer”

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