Kitchen Helpers

From my youth helping my mother to Navy days with K. P. (Kitchen Patrol). Now my wife has her own way of handling kitchen chores, but I am sure she will love some of these items we found. Kitchen Helpers should be in every home, office, and restaurant kitchen. The site we found has great finds for your kitchen and a few other rooms.

Unique products:

Finding the correct kitchen product is very important. Our group had found a site that has the useful and unique kitchen items we all can use. You will find some battery-operated devices to make the Kitchen Helpers more enjoyable to use. Check out “Cool Mama” or “Hot Mama” in the cleaning section below. We will describe some of the sections on the site, but you will want to explore them all.


For the Unique, but still useful kitchenware you are in the right place. You will find a Stainless Steel Chef’s knife set and a Stainless Steel cutlery and utensil holder. There is a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder to get the knives out of your way. You will find a couple of Stainless Steel drying racks (minimum cleaning of these Stainless Steel products.) Got your hand full or dirty? No problem with the motion-activated garbage can. These are unique and useful. Click HERE for these great finds.


The textile section starts with the adjustable Household / Cooking aprons. There are eight color choices for your individual mood. These aprons are Waterproof, and oilproof, as well as most of the other things I spill on myself. The adjustable Chef Apron is available in four colors, and styles vary with the color choice. When you need a tablecloth for the meal you fixed with your apron on, There is a Cotton/Linen rectangular tablecloth with tassels. It is available in four colors/designs and table sizes to accommodate most, if not all sizes. Want to go tassel-free (pets love to chew on tassels), you can order the Cotton / Linen wrinkle-free tablecloth in four color/style combinations. And don’t forget to look for the unique and useful napkins and tea towels.


Hot Mama

You don’t like kitchen cleaning any more than most so check out a few of the things we found that can take out some of the drudgery. We can start with an automatic (hands-free) stainless steel soap dispenser. The kids will love the Scrub Daddy Smiley face sponge dish cleaner. This is the right to have kids start washing their plates and you can add a few of your own. Then you come to the Hot Mama and Cool Mama. Guess which one goes in the refrigerator. The Cool Mama dispenses baking soda to eliminate those interesting smells. Then comes Hot Mama to the rescue of cleaning the microwave. Add water and vinegar, put her in the microwave and she will blow her top cleaning.

Odds and Ends:

Just as you thought it couldn’t get better than Hot Mama, you can have help cleaning the table off. Why not use a mini “Lady Bug” tabletop vacuum cleaner? Don’t want “bugs” on your table? There is always the faithful mini ‘Robot” to clean off the table. Maybe you are a little more practical in your choices. There are Non-Stick Spatula sets in different sizes and colors. Yu get to choose how wild or conservative your spatulas are. Now that you have spatulas, you will want the Avocado Peeler and Slicer. Makes dealing with Avocados a breeze.

Click HERE to find these Kitchen Helpers.

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