Free Apps that Pay You And Save You Money

Below we list Free Apps that also pay for Referrals. These apps Offer Incredible Savings and Discounts. We expect to add more in the future. The Apps are listed in Alphabetical order. All these are Terrific and save more of your money.

The List of Free Apps to Benefit You Begins Here:

FETCH (USA) Groceries, Dining, Shopping (Get the App HERE). Scan your shopping receipts to earn Points. These points can be used to receive gift cards from many popular stores! Saving you Money for what you have already purchased!

IBOTTA (USA) Cash Back (Get their App HERE). Earn Cash Back on products you purchase. The Ibotta mobile app works in over 300 stores. Complete a few tasks for the product you buy. You can get store gift cards, or have money sent to your PayPal account!

Nodle: The Way to Make Cryptocurrency Using Your Smartphone is Here!. This is part of Web3 technology. Once you load the Nodle app and activate it, your Smartphone becomes a cryptocurrency mining device. Your information is private and not downloaded.

RAKUTEN Cash Back Shopping (Check out This App You get credit with cash back on purchases you make. Cash-back shopping makes for Incredible Deals. You can get Cash-back rewards from Rakuten when shopping online or in-store. They empower Consumers in many ways to get a lot out of their Shopping Needs and Desires.

REMITLY (International) (Go HERE for their App). Remitly is a digital money transfer service designed to make the money transfer process faster, more affordable, and more transparent. It is a digital service without any physical locations, able to keep costs low and pass those savings to senders. For example, sending money to Canadians has been tricky until now. This is an incredible solution.

SOFI Banking (USA) Get Free Cash with Deposit (HERE). This is an Online Bank that offers checking and savings accounts. Sofi also offers other financial services Online. With the evolution of banking, SoFi is a Great Solution.

Tapestri Make Money with your Phone (Another App HERE). Using the App, Your Smartphone provides Marketing and Data Usage. You are paid for the use of your own data. Other options in the App can be used (e.g. games) to help your money add up. We have even more Information About This Here.

TopCashBack (USA & Canada) (Check it out HERE). The more you shop online at TopCashBack’s partner stores (there are over 4,000), the more money you can earn. This is a Free Program that maximizes your Cash Back opportunities. The Cashback Alerts feature is another nice benefit TopCashback offers. It’s easy to forget to access stores through their portal when you’re shopping online.

UPSIDE (USA) Gas, Restaurants & Convenience (Get their App Now – HERE). This app gives you Cash Back from purchases from specific Gas Stations and Restaurants. I found gas cash-back offers that equal the price of gas at Sam’s Club (which charges to become a member!) If you have kids who love McDonalds, you may be able to find cash-back offers there. Your Cash-Back adds up on your to your linked card.

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